Protect your instrument: It’s a work of art !

A unique invention in the world entirely produced in France, using the Hight Frequency welding principle this technique will protect your guitar or electric bass, your violin and you Ukulele for an extremely light weight.

Real design object, the puff cover is the result of the meeting of minds of people from different world putting together several know-how designs, blowing up and welding techniques as well as specific equipment.

Easy to use, the Puff Cover, an inflatable protection cover will protect your string instruments without adding any weight.

Easy to inflate, and the instrument is comfortable inside the cover, the air supply ensures total support without abrupt movements. Velcro and three leg closures, positioned in a precise manner on the model allows perfect closing of the cover.

Supplied strap provides for both a ‘’carrycase” and a ” shoulder carrier’’. The advantage of positioning the strap, directly on the instrument allows the dust cover to be stress free when carrying.


To puff is child’s play!

  • You inflate it, It is ready !

    Innovante, notre housse Puff Cover, garde en sécurité votre instrument en assurant un air bag complet contre tous les chocs qui pourraient subvenir. Simple d’utilisation, simple à transporter et avec une garantie de protection optimale, la Puff Cover est une housse de protection d’instrument à corde nouvelle génération qui ne vous décevra jamais.

  • Your instrument is safe

    Innovating, our Puff cover keeps your instrument safely with a full and complete airbag against all shocks that could happen. Easy to use, easy to carry and with a guarantee of optimum protection, the Puff Cover is a new generation cover protection for your string instrument that won’t disappoint you.

100% Made in France

Souffler, c’est jouer !