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My name is Thierry Sperling, musician “à mes heures” with recurrent back problems. Tired of the pains induced by carrying my bass guitar in its “caisse de protection while going to the rehearsals or concerts. I tried “nylon” cover, but they are never thick enough to protect the guitar against unexpected shocks. One day I had a car accident and the airbag saved my life. I then had a vision of an electric bass guitar floating in an inflated envelop.

Aware of the constraints attached to inflatable in general, I contacted an old friend, Alex, a Jack of all trades, bright with a strong experience in inflatable items to present my idea, and the story started. We started by asking another friend, professional designer, Benjamein, Benji, working in an Agency in Marseille, Stedbis, that conceive and realise communication and exhibition areas to help us to produce an interesting shape while taking into consideration the constraints attached to inflatable PVC manufacturing.

Indeed, with PVC, and high-pressure welding, one doesn’t do everything: a flat square could turn into a circle once inflated. We have elaborated drawings flat but also in 3 dimensions to have an idea of the final product.

Once reassured on the feasibility of the idea, I went fishing partners for the production: first for the mould manufacturing and after for the welding and the production. At first, I looked into Asia, where production cost was very attractive. We rapidly abandoned this solution, due to the complexity of the implementation and also for ethical reasons, preferring to have a full French production. I met two engaging and spontaneous persons who lent an attentive ear and were excited by the subject itself. Franck, toolmaker, the king of the electrode, and Frederic, excellent rider and manager of an HF welding factory nearby Lyon. Being from Marseille, not too far, I was able to do several round trips to refine, improve, and rethink the original idea to reach perfecti

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