Learn how to use your Puff Cover in 2 minutes

The puff cover is an inflatable object. For the moment, it is intended exclusively for electric guitar and electric bass? It cannot be used for classical guitar and guitar demi-casse; the dimension of the presented model are 1m25 for the height and 35 cm for the larger weight. Most shapes of guitar or electrical bass fit with this model. However, it is preferable to take into consideration those 2 dimensions for an optimized usage.

We have decided to conceive both faces with 2 independent parts autonomously inflatable :

  • The center of the cover, equipped with an inflating valve anti return
  • The revolving edge of the cover, equipped with a valve anti return

This principle in the case of problem guarantees that the guitar remains held in the cover even if one of the two parts isn’t inflated. It allows also to adjust the size of the cover itself. IN case the instrument is larger than the dimension proposed, it’s enough to play with the insufflated pressure in the revolving edge to gain some centimetres in weight. The musical instrument will remain in any case held within the cover.

PuffCover-house-guitare-didacticiel (3)

Packed in a paperboard box, the cover will be folded or rolled depending on the size of the box.  One has to pose the cover flat to start the inflation. Easily accessible, the ends of inflation are located on the outside of the parts for an easy take in the mouth, for a simple and easy inflation (less than one minute per part).

PuffCover-house-guitare-didacticiel (3)

The closing of the cover is made with the legs equipped with Velcro on the side. This principle allows to hold,  without effort the two sides of the cover and to have your personal adjustment. We also propose a protective envelope for the height of the handle of the instrument, at the level of the mechanics.

PuffCover-house-guitare-didacticiel (3)

Thanks to the personalized strap, there are two ways to carry the Puff Cover

  • Carrying it like a suitcase
  • Carrying it on the shoulder

You can download our tutorial in french right here.