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The creative and unique Puff Cover from Marseille, this guitar and electric bass cover, will change the way you carry your instrument. Ultra light, less than 1 kg, you will feel like you’re carrying the instrument only. Highly resistant to sudden impacts, the PVC offers excellent resistance, and guaranteed by its thickness and grain gives optimal protection. The twin guitar model is also suitable for the electric bass.
The provided Puff Cover strap is really practical accessory, as it can be carried on the shoulder, but also by hand, using the adjustable buckles. Several other accessories are provided, including a protective cover for mechanical instrument parts and double-sided Velcro, for attaching the handle of the instrument to the cover. The instrument is thereby fully protected. Due to the air pressure blown into the cover, any sized instrument (according to suggested measurements) will be kept completely inside the cover.
Once used, the Puff Cover deflates, doesn’t take up space and can be stored on a shelf.